Black Swan mines data from the most hidden crevices of the digital world.  We WILL find the needle in the digital haystack.  The facts can always be found in the data. We believe in the truth and the truth cannot hide from the data.

At Black Swan Digital Forensics, we make the extraordinary our everyday. We deliver the hard facts, and we deliver them fast.  We are a dedicated team of professionals who are at your fingertips, anytime, day or night, no matter the situation.  This is not our side job.  This is our life.  We are passionate about the facts and we will find them for you.  Others may offer forensic analysis as a secondary service to hard drive recovery, but we stand alone as the experts specializing in digital forensics.  We are the only forensics lab dedicated to digital services in the country.  This is not something we do, this is what we do.


Black Swan is available to prosecutors, defense attorneys, civil litigants, law enforcement and the general public. We provide our unique services to everyone who needs access to the truth. This is not limited to the courtroom or the boardroom. It expands beyond the bedroom and the workplace. Fraud and lies are rampant in our world today. The allegations against public and private figures dominate our news feeds and televisions. The data will reveal the truth of the injured worker, the disgraced coach, the falsely accused teacher and the victim that no one believes. No one can hide from digital evidence. The facts cannot be hidden from our dedicated and talented team.

Black Swan is based in the United States of America and is ready to serve you at a moment’s notice.  We offer a variety of service schedules, depending on your digital forensic needs.  From priority processing to economy packages, we have the plan to fit your needs.

Black Swan is comprised of computer and cell phone engineers, social media experts, former military and law enforcement, attorneys, forensic programmers, mathematical geniuses, private investigators and trail blazing entrepreneurs.

Black Swan believes no job is too small or too large.  Every job is important, and the facts are there to be found.

Black Swan will deliver results for you.  We do not guarantee you will like the data, but we do guarantee it will be the truth.


Black Swan Digital Forensics is here for you. We are certain to find the facts, no matter how deeply they are buried. These details are important to you and important to the truth. We have spent our lives developing the skills and knowledge necessary to track down the finest of detail from the most obscure places. We can breathe life into deleted posts on social media, with defensible proof of who made the post. We can find the truth behind deactivated accounts, aliases and encrypted data. We will be your forensics team, seeking truth and justice.