Cellular Data Extraction And Analysis

These days, the value of a cell phone can be unparalleled in a situation where answers are imperative and the proof is necessary. Gone is the time when a phone was just a phone. As our lives have been streamlined, we now hold our daily planner, camera, address book, and so much more right in the palm of our hands. Think of all the things for which you use your phone on a daily basis: Incoming and outgoing calls; texts; photos and videos; web browsing; social media activity; instant messaging; schedule keeping; notetaking; audio recording; and location tracking are just some of the common reasons our society appears to have its nose in a phone more and more frequently.

So, what makes all this activity so valuable? Every move we make on a phone receives and transmits data that is then permanently stored on that device. This means that no amount of hiding, damaging, or deleting can erase what has happened on a cellphone. The key is in knowing how to access the data. Fortunately for you, this, as the saying goes, is what we do.

Black Swan has trained technicians and unique proprietary software that allows us to get the data you need from a cellphone, regardless of its condition. We can access contact lists, call logs, sent and received messages, photos, and videos, all social media activity, web browsing history, and even track movement using GPS and cell tower coordinates complete with timestamps. We easily overcome the user's attempts to operate in "safe" or "hidden" modes. We can spot trends of frequently misspelling the same words, tying that activity to a unique user. Simply put, there is no hiding from our technicians.

Black Swan has the technology and training to paint a complete picture of events and activity surrounding the user. We can tell you detailed specifics on where a phone has been and what has taken place. And just as importantly, we provide this information with a prompt turnaround and easy-to-read format. You will not have to rifle through stacks of papers full of mind-numbing codes and technical jargon. We do all the searching, sorting, and deciphering for you and present the facts to you in a way that you don't have to be a tech guru to understand.

Knowing you have a full treasure chest, but no key to open it is beyond frustrating. Black Swan is the key you've been missing.