Computer And Tablet Data Extraction And Analysis

When it comes to data extraction, computers and tablets operate unlike other devices due to the sheer volume of data they collect and store. Every megabyte of a computer/tablet is brimming with information, so the job of sifting through it is all but impossible without the right tools. Only Black Swan has the proprietary technology necessary and is devoted solely to digital forensics, meaning we don't just know how to find what you need, but we also do it with a turnaround time that no one else can offer.

The exciting news is that we are capable of tracing every activity that ever took place throughout the entire life of a computer or device. Every search that was ever performed is located, telling you what the user was researching and what actions they took next. Each keystroke tells a story and we cut that story down to size by omitting what isn't relevant and highlighting the key information.

Social media accounts have become a way of life in our society and many users access their personal profiles using their computers and tablets. We can then do a thorough search of those devices and uncover every post, like, poke, share, wave, and message made while using them. There is no need to worry about deleted content and profiles or even accounts created under an alias. These are things that are definitively logged and permanently stored in the many information pockets of a device. Though a user may go to great lengths to conceal activity, those efforts are no match for our skilled technicians.

Many users choose to store data through the Cloud. Though the volume of information transmitted to and from the Cloud is veritably immeasurable, we quickly turn it into easily consumable formats that show important details without being overwhelming or confusing.

So, what do you receive after we've performed our analyses? We offer an array of options such as charts, graphs, and other visual presentations that help you in being knowledgeable of the information. Should you need to present these facts in court, our presentations are trial-ready and created with a jury in mind. The key is to clearly provide all the details as simply and accurately as possible.

               Mining the data by hand is faulty and time consuming. Missing vital information this way has proven to lead to devastating results. Black Swan's patented technology provides a safeguard against human error in a way that is not available through any other service.