Cyber-Bullying Stops When Parents Control the Situation


Social media isn’t a fun space for children and teenagers when they are attacked online by cyber bullies. It’s difficult for parents to pinpoint the problem with several platforms, disappearing snapchats and finding proof to take to the authorities is time consuming and cumbersome. However, with proof of these illegal and detrimental behaviors; parents, police and educators, can take action to stop the problem, before it results in tragedy.

The reality is your child has probably been cyberbullied; including mean comments, gossip, harassing videos, photos and worse…child pornography, doctored photos and threats.  You need Black Swan Digital Forensics to help you find the facts you need to stop the problem.

 New social platforms develop daily, for example, and Roblox are growing significantly and users are predominately children.  Unfortunately, this base of young friends and followers also means cyber bullies and online predators are lurking behind their keyboards and phones.

Predators and cyberbullying impacts are significant on your family…

  • 72 percent of children report they are cyberbullied because of their looks

  • 26 percent of victims are chosen due to their race or religion

  • 22 percent of harassed children feel that their sexuality was the cause of the bullying

  • Over 60% of children on the autism spectrum report being bullied – online and offline.

  • Girls (41 percent) are more likely to experience cyberbullying at some point in their life compared to boys (28 percent)

  • 83 percent of victims felt that the bullying hurt their self-esteem

  • 30 percent of victims have turned to self-harming behaviors and suicidal thoughts and the percentage is rising annually. In fact, over 10 percent of children have attempted to take their own lives due to cyber bullying.

Black Swan Digital Forensics is the only lab in the United States dedicated exclusively to digital recovery and can utilize your child’s social media profiles to identify threats and provide a comprehensive parental report including contacts and resources to help you stop the problem and keep your child safe.

Additionally, our Parental Report data will provide law enforcement and attorneys’ quantifiable evidence to build a case against the cyber bullies and predators hurting your child. Black Swan’s team of skilled, reputable professionals use technological science to identify, recover, analyze and present data-driven evidence found on digital storage media devices and in social media accounts.  Data doesn’t lie and we will provide the information you need parent successfully through these difficult digital challenges.

For more information about how we can help you, contact Black Swan Digital Forensic by calling our live, 24/7 customer support at 901-209-2500.