Did You Text and Drive Today?


The biggest taboo on today's highways is the offense of texting and driving.  With heightened awareness of the dangers of distracted driving came enhanced penalties for the practice.  Many of us have been guilty of just sending one short message, or checking an email, or a plethora of other conveniences at our fingertips thanks to the madden smartphones.  This, however, is one practice that can lead to hefty fines, increased insurance costs, or even the loss of coverage and licensure. 

The problem with many traffic citations is the rapid turn-around between the ticket and the court date.  In order to prove your innocence, it may be necessary to have a digital forensics expert analyze your device usage to verify an admissible document for court.  The lag-time in this service can far exceed the time you have to prepare. 

Black Swan Digital Forensics offers two options to quickly obtain the data you need. There is an expedited service that offers fast service within days via overnight package delivery.  Once we receive your phone, we can immediately begin the extraction, being slowed only by the delivery service. 

For those times when you do not have days to wait, Black Swan has partnered with numerous services to provide remote cell phone extraction.  Our experts can examine your device from a secure extraction machine in the office of a third party.  Your results, and court-ready report, are available in hours instead of days. 

Black Swan can prove what actions were being performed on your device at the time in question.  Do not leave your success to chance by showing up with your cell phone at trial.  We can prove the information provided came from the device in your possession at the time of the stop.  Exact proof for an exact result.  Contact Black Swan anytime for the help you need.