Do You Hear an Echo?

Amazon was recently ordered to hand over recording from an Amazon Echo Device related to a homicide in New Hampshire.  The court ordered the company to provide any and all information related to recordings and cell phone pairings for a device in a home where the crime occurred.  The police force there seized the echo, but did not have the technology to extract the needed information.

This type of case is directly in line with the services offered by Black Swan Digital Forensics.  Our patented technology is used to extract digital evidence from a variety of sources.  These include cellular phones, computers, tablets, automobiles, as well as the various devices that allow you to have a "connected" home. 

Never rely on corporations or government to provide you with the evidence you need.  Allow Black Swan to be your go-to source for all digital forensics evidence.  We provide fast and complete service, resulting in court room ready evidence to present in your case.  We don't just hand you piles of code and lines of information. We are experts in juror-friendly presentations, and can provide a wide-array of visual displays for your use. 

Black Swan specializes in digital forensics.  Not only can we provide you excellent service in extracting the evidence from the devises you provide, we can also guide you in seeking other sources of proof for your case.  No piece of the puzzle is too trivial for us to analyze.  When the truth is on the line, all stones must be turned.   

In addition to providing great looking, easy to digest evidence, we stand by the admissibility and accuracy of al the information we obtain.  Our experts have been qualified in courts from the federal system to local city courts.  We can obtain the evidence others cannot extract.  Trust Black Swan when everything matters.