Jury Pool Services

When most people think of useful applications for digital forensics, pre-trial investigation and building a case around the findings are likely what comes to mind. While these are certainly vital uses, Black Swan is the first digital forensics team to go a giant leap forward in the courtroom by helping to eliminate what has arguably been the biggest liability in any trial:  the jury.

Great lengths are taken to get to know each member of a potential jury in an effort to uncover biases and attitudes that could affect the outcome of a verdict. Until now, the only effective option has been to thoroughly question each person and trust him or her to answer honestly. Now, through skilled technicians and proprietary technology, Black Swan is able to complete an in-depth analysis of the entire panel by mining through their social media activity. It is a unique opportunity to see who the jury is when they're comfortable in their own environment. A comment made or post shared can be a permissible strike for cause if it demonstrates a bias or attitude that could affect the way that juror would perceive the evidence and facts of a case.

Once your jury is selected and the trial is underway, Black Swan can continue to monitor jury activity to ensure no one is defying judge's orders by discussing details with outside sources or researching the case online. These are immediate, to-the-minute updates to give you the peace of mind that a trial is not being compromised. Finally, we can follow up on the jury even after the verdict is read for the purpose of preserving the integrity of the outcome.

Black Swan is the first and only digital forensics team to offer this revolutionary service. Never before has the process of selecting a jury been this accurate or detailed. With so much preparation and planning going into each trial, don't leave this crucial element to chance.