Making The Unknown Known. How Do We Do It?

Black Swan Digital Forensics is dedicated to one job and one job only: Making the unknown known. How do we do it? In part, through data extraction and analysis of:

• Cellular Devices

Any activity that happens on a phone remains permanently logged and archived. This includes texts, calls, photo and videos, internet searches, location and movement, emails, contacts, social media, and chat history. Even if the phone is dead and inoperable, Black Swan can access its data. Deleted and hidden items? Black Swan can access that data, too.

• Computers and Tablets

Black Swan can tell you what sites were visited, what searches were performed, complete chat logs, detailed accounts of pictures and videos, and so much more. Simply put, if it happened on that computer or tablet, we can tell you all about it. Broken devices and hidden or deleted data are no problem.

• Social Media and Other Internet-Based Activity

Black Swan will provide you an easy-to-decipher portfolio of all activities that occurred on a social media platform, complete with location data. This includes deleted profiles and even those created under an alias.

Black Swan also provides:

• Vehicle System Forensics

Through the use of iVe vehicle system forensic tool, Black Swan can tell you where a vehicle has been, calls made from the vehicle, even when doors were opened and closed, as well as acceleration and braking speed.

• Video Forensics and Image Processing

Surveillance camera capture muddy, muffled footage? Black Swan uses the world's most advanced technology to clarify and clean these images, including those captured with body cameras, GoPros, and cell phones. We can zoom into the details for facial and license plate recognition.

• Internet of Things (IOT)

With more households inviting Siri and Alexa to be members of the family, daily items are becoming treasure troves of data archives. These days, even a refrigerator can have a story to tell.

Black Swan is also revolutionizing the courtroom through:

• Jury Pool Services

Before now, the riskiest variable in any trial has also been one of the most crucial: the jury. By tracking social media activity, Black Swan can tell you in advance if a potential juror presents a valid reason for strike for cause. Biases and attitudes can be hidden in the interview process, but we can quickly identify them and provide the necessary proof. Once the jury is selected, we will continue to monitor social media activity to ensure that no part of the trial is compromised through outside influence.

• Expert Witness Testimony and Courtroom Displays

Black Swan doesn't just find these facts and give you stacks of paperwork to sort through on your own. We create easy-to-read presentations for use in the courtroom, as well as appear in court as an unbiased, expert witness to explain our findings.

Never before have secrets been so vulnerable to exposure.