Social Media Forensics

With over a billion new posts being uploaded to social media every hour, it has become, perhaps, one of the most valuable resources for documented and archived information that has ever been available. The challenge is no longer in not having enough information; now, there is so much information that it's all but impossible to manually sort through it all and pull away only what is important. Black Swan has the proprietary technology to do that work for you, providing a more thorough investigation at a fraction of the time. Can you afford to miss that key element because it was hiding under a mountain of superfluous activity?

Consider your own social media use on a typical day. Odds are, if you reviewed your own activity log, you'd find that you're much more active than you even realize. Every click of the mouse or tap of the finger that likes a comment, responds to a post, uploads a status, or shares a picture is recorded.

Of course, you're probably familiar with the fact that you have the power to delete the moves you've made, so maybe you think that makes our job more difficult. The great news is that it doesn't. You've heard the saying, "What happens online, stays online." This is because there is no true way to erase what has occurred once it has occurred. We often compare permanency to a tattoo, yet even they fade over time and can be zapped away.

Online activity creates a footprint that leads directly to the user and never fades away. Not even accounts created under an alias can hide from their creator.

You may be wondering, in reference to a public social media account, what can Black Swan do that you can't? Increased activity is a great thing by way of the volume of information, yet, the more active a user is, the more difficult it is going to be to track what he is doing. If he "likes" a post made by another user, the content of that post can be relevant.

Even the identity of the other user can be relevant. You may track him as diligently as possible, however, without the tools and the training, you just can't see it all. You have no way of knowing what conversations are taking place in private instant messaging. You can't know if he has accounts under fake names.

Black Swan can tell you all of this and more. In addition, we can provide real-time alerts of activity as it is happening. Every single action beginning with the creation of an account, even if attempts have been made to conceal or delete it, can be presented to you in an easy-to-read format giving you the answers you cannot find on your own.

Our ability to weed through innumerable actions to find the handful you need is only one reason to choose Black Swan to do the investigative work for you.