Vehicle System Forensics


One of the most iconic visual images of recent generations is the slow-moving white Bronco occupied by OJ Simpson in 1994. To this day, there is much that is unknown concerning that low-speed chase. Imagine the difference it would've made if a passenger had been present to give an account of what was going on that June day. Today, Black Swan is that passenger. An area that is largely unexplored and not yet frequently considered in the field of data analysis is vehicle systems forensics. The reason for this oversight is likely because, until recently, only state and federal forensic labs were given access to a vehicle's Infotainment Data. Let's briefly explore what this Vehicle Infotainment Data Extraction unit is and why it is so valuable. Modern vehicles are not much unlike computers and handheld devices in that their activity is permanently stored in a database that can be accessed at a later date to determine everything from when a door was opened to rates of speed and braking patterns. You can know where a vehicle was located at the exact moment its lights were turned on.

In addition to tracking the normal functions of a vehicle, the Vehicle's Infotainment Data Extraction unit stores data through entertainment packages available on most newer cars. Bluetooth capabilities, Navigation, third-party applications, and even WiFi are common options that provide the conveniences of home right there on the highway. These capabilities are used for functions such trip routing, hands-free calling, storing contact lists, SMS messaging, sending emails, pictures, and videos, as well as accessing social media feeds. When these functions are used, all of that data is stored on the Vehicle's Infotainment Data Extraction unit, which can then provide access to where the vehicle has been and when, and all of the information sent and received in the process.

Black Swan now gives you access to this vital information via Berla's patented technology. Our trained experts evaluate the data and present it to you in an easy-to-understand format. Just as the highway never ends, neither do the opportunities to get to the truth.