Video Forensics Detail

The prevalence of image-capturing technology in our world today poses unique possibilities, as well as distinct frustrations when the evidence is there, but the details are lackluster and distractions are taking center stage. If you're a sports fan, you know that millions of dollars have gone into getting cameras as close to the action as possible as a way of bringing the at-home viewer even closer to the field than the fan in the stands. The activity of the athletes is tracked so well, in fact, that it was decided in recent years that umpires and referees could review the footage as a means of determining calls made on the field. Many calls are even overturned, now, after a closer inspection may reveal details that the human eye erred in evaluating. 

In everyday life, though, the cameras recording the main events typically leave much to be desired. The footage is at the mercy of the equipment (very often only a phone, a low-end surveillance camera, or a dash cam), the conditions, and the operator. Viral videos are, by definition, everywhere. Instant celebrities are made on suburban sidewalks, private backyards, the grocery store's shampoo aisle, and anywhere a camera can be found - which is anywhere. The odds that the footage you need exists have never been better, but that doesn't mean limitations can't get in the way. Common issues that can lessen the value of video evidence could include low light, grainy images, motion blur, unrelated audio that overpowers what's relevant, and even alterations made that could call its integrity into question.  

Black Swan has the most advanced technology in existence to clean up dark and muddy footage and audio, as well as patented zoom capabilities to hone in on details, such as faces and license plates. This kind of enhancement does not alter the truth, but only makes what is already there clearer. We can pull the truth out of the shadows and separate it from distracting noises and activity. It's important to understand the difference between what we do and efforts to alter footage to paint a false picture. If attempts have been made to modify a video as a false representation of the truth, we can pinpoint where those alterations were created and show inconsistencies in time stamps in even the most sophisticated edits.  

In many cases, we can provide a detailed analysis that could include when and where the video was captured, from what device, and sometimes what other devices were nearby during the creation of the footage. Since professionally enhanced videos are already established as admissible evidence in trial, Black Swan can be your unbiased expert witness.

Most importantly, the data we present is easy to read and understand. We won't hand you stacks of confusing papers and leave you to sort through the information. Our business is in uncovering the truth and making it accessible to everyone.