What Did You Use Your Phone For Today?


Think about it.  Really go into detail as to what you did with your cellular device.  Did you use it for the alarm?  How many times did you hit snooze?  How many alarms did you actually set?  What time did you finally cut off the alarms and get moving?

It stands to reason in the world to which we have become accustomed, your cell phone is your link to everything.  Give a digital forensics expert your phone for a day, and they will be able to tell everything from your sleep habits to your favorite band.  Back to what you did on your phone today.  I bet you fired up your email as soon as your eyes cleared.  Messages read and ignored.  Messages to which you replied.  Messages you deleted and forgot.

What website do you use for your news?  Most of us no longer read the paper, even online.  We look at interesting headlines on various websites.  Or, even worse, rely on social media for our stories of the day.  Which site did you visit to check on your virtual friends before seeing any in flesh and blood?

I know my music mainly comes from my phone, whether stored thereon or via a music service.  What does your music choice say about you?  Would you hire someone who listens to the tunes you enjoy every day?

Let us not forget what you searched this morning before leaving the house.  People will scour the internet for information they would never be caught dead looking up at a library or anywhere in the public eye.  Your penchants and vices are on display, and you carry them around indoor hand, in your pocket, or in the front seat of the car.

This is just a piece of your morning ritual on that phone you adore.  What can others learn about you from your best electronic friend?  Better yet, what can you learn from another's?  Black Swan knows the answer, and we are here to provide you a glimpse through the looking glass.