What Is Digital Forensics?

What is digital forensics and how can it help you? "Digital DNA" is the data extracted from digital devices. It can detect insider threats for a company, identify information to solve a criminal case and even uncover fraud and hacking on your endpoints, servers, and network.

“Forensics” in an overall sense can be defined broadly as the use of science to establish evidence before a court of law. Computer forensics, like any other forensic discipline, fits this definition with an emphasis on digital data.

The standards of evidence required by a court can vary, but more than likely, any digital evidence is collected, handled and analyzed in a manner protecting it's integrity can be submitted in an unaltered state as evidence.

It is very important the person doing the collecting, handling, and analyzing of legal evidence is competent and trained.  Most importantly,  they need to understand the legal implications of their actions. If these conditions and procedures are met, the evidence should be admissible in a court of law.

So what does this mean if you find yourself in a situation where computers, tablets or mobile phones are believed to contain evidence? If there’s a chance the case may go to court, you should ensure that any evidence produced from computers will be accepted by the adjudicating body. The best practice is to engage a competent, experienced computer forensic analyst, such as a member of the Black Swan Digital Forensics' team. We will listen to your situation and discuss the best method forward to produce the evidence which you will be relying on. Our analyst will keep you well-informed each step of the way and advise you on which data sources need to be analyzed and a report will be created and sent to you.

The end product is a concise, summary report  detailing all documents phones, texts, deleted data, social media posts and call logs. Additionally, our analysts qualify as an expert witness, if needed.

You will have the unbiased truth, substantiated by facts, based computer science.  Our analysts will be able to communicate complex technical matters in easy to understand terms, without resorting to unnecessary technical jargon to make sure you are prepared to present the information in the most effective way possible.