What Is The Internet Of Things (IOT)?

A newer concept in our rapidly developing culture is what is known as the Internet of Things (IoT). It may sound like a vague description, but actually, it refers to exactly what it is. These days, smart homes and connectivity are becoming more and more commonplace.

Twenty years ago, a phone that could communicate with your coffee maker or a watch that could talk to your television seemed believable only in the wildest imaginations of moviemakers creating a society set far into the future. Astoundingly, the future has arrived and the reality of a home functioning on voice command or being controlled remotely is here.

The brain behind these capabilities is the internet. This means that transmitted data is the heart of the conversation between every "thing" in a home that can send and receive information. Thus, it is very literally the Internet of Things.

From 2016 to 2017, the number of online-capable devices increased by 31% with an estimated 8.4 billion internet-ready gadgets to add to your home. By 2020, it is estimated some 30 billion items will be added to that list. Most importantly, every device is uniquely identifiable, meaning as data is transmitted, its computing system is indisputably tied to that item and that item only.

The volume of information made available by these devices is exciting, though with that much to process, it's only valuable if you know how to access and use it. Black Swan's patented technology and trained technicians can quickly analyze the data and present it to you in a detailed, yet easy-to-read format.

As all of this data is passed back and forth, a picture is painted of who was where when any given action occurred. With modern conveniences stepping in to make our lives easier and function more smoothly, a traceable footprint is created in turn.