Who Can Black Swan Digital Forensics Help?

Plaintiffs No case is ever won without solid facts. At Black Swan we can provide you the facts you need to prove your case by detailing social media, cellular devices, vehicle information systems, and myriad of other gadgets. Do not go to battle unarmed. Black Swan can be your silver bullet.

Defendants Anyone who has ever watched a crime drama knows that an alibi can set you free. They also know that a good alibi is one that can be supported by the facts. At Black Swan, we can back-fill the truth of your location via various methods. We can provide data that you checked in at your favorite restaurant, or took a selfie at the ball game. We will supply a detailed analysis of the devices you provide, be it a computer, cell phone or vehicle, and create a time line that supports your alibi.

Attorneys A good lawyer never asks a question to which he does not know the answer. Black Swan can proved you all the answers you need to effectively litigate any case. We have worked criminal, civil and family law matters with tremendous success. While we do not represent you or your client, and cannot guarantee the answers you want, we do guarantee the truth. At Black Swan we represent the data, and data ever lies.

Private Investigators Black Swan has the tools most investigators cannot afford. Be able to stay at the forefront of the field by providing state-of-the-art applications to your repertoire. Cell phones and tablets can have data that can be extracted for your clients. Even deleted files are not safe from discovery. Black Swan can decrease your field time by providing you detailed reports of anything connected to your target. Do not investigate in the dark. Let us be your partner in seeking the truth.

Businesses We have all heard that the greatest resource of a business is its people. Unfortunately, they are also the greatest weakness. Corporate espionage is a real threat to today's economy. Have you ever wondered what employees are saying on social media? Now you can know. Find out exactly where that corporate vehicle has traveled, and when. Even know when the doors were opened. Worried about bad public relations? Cut off bad press before it becomes pueblo. The more you know, the safer your company stays.

The List is Limitless The application of Black Swan's services and technologies are only curtailed by your imagination. We represent the data, and within the data lies the truth. What can we prove for you?