Black Swan is dedicated to providing complex and up to date data to busy attorneys to assist with their law practice.  We offer a comprehensive schedule of fees and services that permit you to select the help you need to grow your caseload.  We provide detailed analysis of the data you require to properly assess a case for settlement or trial.


Black Swan will eliminate the sleepless nights created by needlessly manually manipulating digital data. We assist your legal team with the complex analysis of the available data, removing the stress inherent with the task. The sheer volume of the data makes it impossible to effectively create the true picture the information is trying to tell.  The antiquated techniques of data retrieval and review are replaced by our cutting edge technology.  We have automated the discovery review process, thereby saving you time, money and unnecessary mistakes. Let us make your job easier by turning an enormous volume of information into an easy to understand result.

Jury selection and monitoring is a special service we offer litigators. Once the decision to go to trial is made, Black Swan can assist you in jury selection. We can delve into the deepest recesses of social media and evaluate activity by the jury pool to ensure you impanel the right people to decide your case. We will also monitor the jury's media interaction during trial to guarantee they are following the rules set out by the judiciary. Nothing in a jury trial is more subject to outside influence than your panel. Take the guess work out of who the jurors are, and what they are doing as your case progresses. No other company offers this service. We can tell you who the jurors are when they think no one is looking. We make you invincible by controlling the one unknown, the jury.
We will be your partner in your practice. We will save you money and embarrassment, all while reducing your overhead. Black Swan has been accepted as an expert witness in multiple jurisdictions, including the United States Supreme Court. Our work has been deemed admissible, and our results are proven. Black Swan is recognized as an impartial and objective third party, offering scientific evidence that is beyond reproach.

Black Swan will not be impeached if called to testify, as we represent the facts and data, not you or your client. From this stance, we are able to help bring about substantial truth and justice, all while giving you the tools you need to appropriately evaluate your cases. We are the undisputed leader in the field of digital forensics. We define ourselves as being highly trained in the latest technology. Our dedication to continuing education maintains our position at the forefront of innovation.