We can accommodate anyone needing assistance retrieving digital data from any device or social media platform, no matter the age, condition, or attempts to alter the data.

FOR ATTORNEYS - Black Swan is the expert you need when you are working a case.  The facts can make a quick decision on whether or not you should settle or go to trial.  We do not pick sides.  We represent the facts, the data and the truth.  This makes Black Swan impossible to be impeached for bias.  We work with prosecutors, plaintiff's attorneys and defense attorneys. We provide you the the winning edge needed to try and win your case.

We also offer jury consulting and in-trial jury monitoring to ensure jurors are abiding by the appropriate restrictions on news, communication and social media.  Black Swan allows you to select your jury with absolute confidence in their character and tendencies. We can provide detailed insight regarding the potential jurors.  Once your jury is selected, we will work to monitor all social media and digital sources to guarantee the jury has not been improperly influenced.  This includes not only outside contact, but independent investigation by the jurors themselves. 


Our services to government are multi-leveled.  We are available to law enforcement on a case-by-case basis, or can be retained as your forensics department.  We can quickly extract the data you need from cell phones and other devices, as well as social media and even black box vehicle information.  When you need to know who was responsible, we are your go-to service.  We also are available for non-law enforcement forensics work, often needed by human resources departments for employment issues.  No matter the reason you need the data, we will provide results. 


Business services are as varied as the tools we use to gather our data.  We can assist you in deciding on which candidate is the safest hire.  We will work with you to protect your intellectual property and trade secrets.  We can help detect fraud, and even let you know if a head hunter is looking to steal away your next CEO.  If you can imagine a need for the data, we can create a way to capture it for you.  Sexual harassment and misconduct can shake a corporation to its core and damage your company.  Let Black Swan provide you with the facts you need to make informed hiring decisions. Protect yourself from false accusations of harassment or misconduct.  We can prove what, when and where something did (OR DID NOT) happen

Theft of intellectual property occurs on a daily basis.  Let us give your IT department the information needed to protect your investments and prevent breaches.  We can  provide digital forensic analysis of your intranet services, as well as internet use relative to your corporation.  We partner with your IT department to create innovative solutions to your individual needs.


Individuals have many needs for digital forensics.  Often, it is to catch a cheating spouse. We can detect the use of "burner" phones by adulterers and their paramours.  There is no trail of breadcrumbs we can not follow
We can provide proof of stalking and bullying, whether in cyber space or in the real world.  We have the capabilities to not just find the information, but prove who created it, when it was created, and where they were when it was created.  Black Swan can also be invaluable in investigating sexting problems. The truth of the matter cannot be hidden, no matter how many precautions are taken in deleting the message.