Computers and tablets operate differently than cellular devices. The amount of data to sift through expands exponentially. With literal terabytes of digital information, finding the key piece of data is akin to finding a needle in a haystack. Black Swan will find that needle.

We are able to trace the activity of the user throughout the life of the computer or device. We provide reports showing exactly what the user has been researching, when they looked it up, and the actions they took next.

Many users access various social media websites via their computers. We can tell you every post that was ever made from the device. We will uncover the activities attempted to be hidden. We will see through alias accounts and attempts to deceive.  Even deleted items are available to our team.

It would be impossible to review the data created by computers and tablets manually. Our patented technology is able to pare down the details you need, quickly and accurately. The results we provide are impossible for any company that does not work in digital forensics full time.

In addition to the computer itself, we are able to access any and all cloud storage. The volume of the raw data can be overwhelming, but we provide you with the information in a readily consumable format.

Black Swan provides you with the data mined in a wide array of formats of your choosing. We can produce charts, graphs and other visual presentations to help you and/or a jury understand what the data means.

The truth is in the details. We provide you with a way to see all of the details at once, in an easy to understand medium.