The evolving world of digital forensics changes very quickly.  Staying up to date on these changes is imperative to successfully using Digital DNA to solve crimes, pursue justice and do your job well.  Our educational resources include information all the ways our actions are passively or actively recorded in a car, on a mobile phone, using social media or even via traffic cameras.  It is important to remember that deleted doesn’t mean the data is gone and data doesn’t lie.   

Learn more about cellular data extraction and analysis, iPhone password cracking, vehicle system forensics, video forensics and image processing, social media and Internet-based data collection and extracting data from Internet of things (IoT) including Siri, Alexa, and any appliance with network connectivity and how these developing technologies can help you by browsing our library of educational resources and signing up for our monthly update. 

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It is commonplace for potential employees to undergo pre-hiring urinalyses. It is also good practice for employees to be subject to random urinalyses, as well as mandatory testing following any incidents related to work. That begs the question, "What other aspects of privacy can be broached to protect an employer?"
A standard perk for many individuals within a corporation is a company cell phone. With the advent of the smart phone, this has put a powerful computer in employees' hands. If the employer is paying the bill, to what extent have they the right to know what is being done with the equipment?