Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is meant by cell phone forensics?
  • What kinds of data can you extract through cell phone forensics?
  • What is your pricing?
  • What type of cases can use Digital Forensics?
  • Can your experts testify for me in court?
  • Can you help me gain access to an encrypted file?
  • I'm being harassed over social media by an unknown individual, can you help me identify them and take them to court?
  • Can I recover deleted emails?
  • How can digital forensics help with my case?
  • What types of digital devices can potentially hold data?
  • I have a friend in I.T., is it okay for them to try to extract the data on our own?
  • Can social media analysis help with creating a rough sketch of my target's true personality? Will it be admissible in court?
  • Can you explain metadata?
  • Do you follow the federal rules of evidence when extracting data?
  • I don’t have much time. Can you provide us with overnight service?