Black Swan has almost 30 years of forensics experience. We started as a computer maintenance company in 1989 supporting mainframe computers and the beginning of PC networking. As a service and engineering company, we grew into one of the largest regional technology support organizations in the United States by solving business problems with the use of technology. Our transformative solutions to complicated problems all centered around solving problems and delivering results quickly and accurately.


A group of like-minded business investors saw tremendous development in how law enforcement, attorneys, investigators, business, education and ordinary citizens are using digital forensics.

Seeing the remarkable growth in smartphones, internet connected devices, social media, video, IoT and other internet based data, these forward thinking entrepreneurs answered this great need for evidentiary data and created a company that understands how to quickly and efficiently translate forensic data into actionable results for our clients.

Black Swan Digital Forensics is in the business of cell phone forensics, social media analysis, vehicle forensics, geolocation historical data recreation, computer data mining, and Audio/Video enhancement. Our objective is to give our clients the data that impacts their current situation and allow them to use it to find the factual truth.  We don't take sides or offer opinions. We deal in the cold, hard facts. We provide the window into the data to allow our clients to make important decisions using empirical facts.

Our team will provide extreme analysis services around the data we extract from any given source. This allows our clients to "ask questions and get answers" from what is typically a large amount of data. This analysis simply cannot be done manually due to the volume and complexity of the data set. Imagine taking 500,000 text messages and phone calls between a group of 50 people and slicing and dicing the information  to determine trends and relationships between the parties involved. It gets mind boggling quickly.

Black Swan Digital Forensics is run by investigators, attorneys and business people that have a technical product. Our job is to take the highly technical and complex and create a purpose driven result. This easy to read and understand result gives you data you can use to make decisions. We use visuals to make the data easy to explain to others.


Let Black Swan experts work for you today. You will be happy that you did. We guarantee it!