Social Media Vetting and Monitoring OfJury Panels

Take the guess work out of who the jurors are, and what they are doing as your case progresses. From deep Social Media background reports to real time monitoring of potential jurors during voir dire, Black Swan can give you the edge you need to win more.


At Black Swan our Jury Panel Social Media Vetting and Monitoring is a special service we offer to our clients. We give you a unique edge going into voir dire and are able to discover many causable strikes that you would otherwise not have.

Prior to Jury Selection

Voir Dire research specialists in the exploration of potential Jurors’ backgrounds and their positions regarding the nature of the case. The analysis of this information solidifies the importance of voir dire for the successes of the trial. Jurors’ prior experiences and attitudes are more likely to influence their verdict than the arguments before them at trial.

Individual juror reports of potential hinder and biases. Detailed background analysis of each juror.

Exploration to the deepest recesses of Social Media accounts and evaluate activity of the juror in present day & historically.  Jurors may lie during voir dire, but they won’t lie on Social Media!

During Trial

Real Time Monitoring of the Jury’s Social Media activity during trial to guarantee they are following the judge’s orders.  This activity is captured and is submissible as proof of them violating the judge’s order not to use Social Media during the trial.

Observation of daily occurrences and proceedings, providing optimal recommendations and feedback as the trial progresses.

Real time intelligence and Statistical Abstracts of all activity surrounding your case and its proceedings. Continual monitoring of public sentiments across all platforms during jury selection, trial, and post-verdict.


Once a decision has been made to start trial, Black Swan can assist you in the jury selection process. The detection of juror bias is a serious challenge in contemporary jury trials.