Instant Device Data ExtractionNever Leave Your Seat

Connect the phone to our machine, and the Black Swan remote experts will provide you with a complete forensic extraction report created by a certified expert. No technical expertise is required. No wait times on a lab.


The Alternative to Shipping to A Digital Forensics LabWhy Switch to Remote Extraction?

Time Efficient
Eliminates shipping time because the extraction is done in your office.

Cost Effective
You save on shipping and manpower utilization so extractions are half the cost.

Extractions can be performed on your schedule. 24/7/365. This is our guarantee to you.

Safe and Secure
Devices cannot be lost or damaged in transit and this machine eliminates evidentiary chain of custody issues. The device operates from your location on your safe and secure network.

Legally Admissible Evidence
Our extractions are legally admissible evidence and our Certified Engineers can testify on request. Additionally, Black Swan doesn’t review the data and can’t be subpoenaed on the content so your confidential information stays confidential.


Learn More

Watch our tutorial video to learn more about the Black Swan Remote Extraction Machine. This all-in-one forensic device for extraction and analysis of mobile devices is on-demand. Eliminate the associated expense and extended wait times of typical digital analysis.