Black Swan offers multiple cyber investigation services - from First Glance Reports to Open Source Media Monitoring. With the vast number of social media websites available and the percentage of people that use them, online research has become an essential resource.


Social Profile Matrix $449.

Identify all associated emails, social media profiles, aliases profiles, pictures, and social comments. Our Social Profile Matrix will allow us the ability to identify any possible emails, profiles, profiles listed under alias profiles/ screen names, Instagram accounts, online communities, health communities, auctions, and dating communities.

Location Matrix $499/wk. / $999/mo.

Identify posts that are relevant to a specific location or specific party from posted content. Our location Prizm will allow us to virtually draw a geo fence around a specified location, address or area of interest, and capture all posted media content, pictures, news articles, and Instagram messages that are generated from that location. We can further use key words to capture detailed information that utilizes specific word or phrases related to any topic.

Social History Matrix $779.

Identify events, posts, pictures, and other social data that were generated around a specific time frame in the past. Our Social History Matrix allows us to go back to a specific date and recreate/generate social comments and perspectives to a specific event. (Most of our data can only be generated from events within the past 90 days, however, some information does generate from events within the past 7 years).

Social Connection Matrix $599

Identify all social connections, relevant pictures, comments, and posts between a selected party and their online connections, social communities, organizations, friends, and relationships). Our Social Connection Matrix allows us to make the connection/relationship between the selected party, and develop an understanding of the relationship.

Witness Location Matrix $799/witness.

Identify any possible witnesses to a specific event, and capture any specific posts pictures, or comments related to a specific event. Our Witness Location Matrix allows us the ability to probe, search and canvas all social media posts, pictures, comments, and forums related to a specific event, accident, or situation. This service allows us to identify potential witnesses to an event, and relative or connection to possible witnesses of a specific event.

Intelligence Data Matrix $799/mo.

Collect, document, and filter daily posts relevant to a specific organization. Our Intelligence Data Matrix allows us to document all posts, pictures, and comments related to a specific organization.

Event Matrix $499/mo.

Identify future events, birthdays, and plans related to a specific party. Our Matrix allows us the ability to document in real time any future event, birthday or plan that has been posted or commented about related to a specific party. Whether the topic has been generated from the specific party, community, or associated, our Event Matrix with notify us in real time when such an event occurs.

Open Source Media Search $399.00

Is used to identify any online presence, personal information of a claimant through online social media profiles, dating websites, blogs, chat groups, RSS threads, online news articles, and other general information. Open source media information can reveal pictures and comments related to a claimant specific injury, identify patterns, activities, future events, or hobbies and spots the claimant is involved in.

Open Source Media Monitor 30 day $299 / 60 day $549 / 90 day $779

Social Media and internet profiles are monitored for a designated period of 30, 60, and 90 days, in an effort to document further activity related to the claimant. Weekly status updates are provided to the client with any social media activities observed during this monitoring period.