Cell Phone Spyware Removal

Cell phone spyware is a very real and present danger.  It is powerful, easy to install, and allows unlimited access to your private information. Someone can access all of your texts, passwords, photos, emails, and locations without your knowledge from anywhere in the world.   


How would your life change if all the information on your cell phone was made public?

Cyber-spies can look through your cell phone camera, listen through your microphone, and upload all your data to an offsite server.  You won't even notice until it's too late. The Black Swan Digital Forensics Remote Extraction Machine will scan, identify, and remove dangerous spyware from your cell phone to keep you safe. 

Did you know? Spyware makes you vulnerable to the following cyber attacks!

  • Tracking Location
  • Stealing Call Logs
  • WhatsApp Spy
  • Social Media
  • View Contents
  • Ambient Listening
  • View Photos/Videos
  • World Wide Web
  • Read Texts/SMS
  • Records Calls
  • Email Spy
  • Read Notes

The process is quick, inexpensive, and your phone never leaves your possession. Let us protect your private and confidential information from digital criminals.